Beautiful summer

Roll on the holidays! But as tempting as it is to think that life’s a beach right now, overdoing the sun and good times won’t do your skin any favours. Zehra Age Beautifully helps you get through summer beautifully.

Party planner

After a long year, you truly deserve your R&R, and we say have fun – just don’t overdo things.

End-of-year parties, friend reunion drinks, the Christmas blow-out and braai dates fill your diary at this time of year, so how do you navigate all the fun without ending up overfed and looking jaded? Exercise your choice, we say.

A bit of what you fancy does you good, but keep the portions small and try to avoid reaching for a second one. Compensate for that cocktail with a matching glass of water.


Golden rules

Desperate to get a healthy tan? Sad to say, there’s no such thing, and there is no way we can encourage you to go out there and sun yourself, no matter how gorgeous a golden skin looks. Firstly, there’s the very real threat of skin cancer to consider, and then there’s the fact that the sun will age your skin well before its time because UV rays trigger free radicals in your skin, which damage collagen and elastin, resulting in decreased skin elasticity, dryness, wrinkling and pigmentation marks.

If you want a golden glow, we urge you to take it easy – get a light tan from gradual sun exposure over a few weeks (no burning or baking) in the morning or late afternoon – avoid the most dangerous midday sun. Better yet, fake it with one of the excellent selftanners or bronzing products available.

Lastly, but most importantly, never-ever use a tanning bed. We cannot stress enough how dangerous these are as they use pure UVA light to brown your skin, and this is the ray that gives you skin cancer, especially deadly melanoma, as well as causing skin damage and premature ageing.


Your daily dose

Not to belabour the point, eating and drinking too much of the wrong thing, excessive sun and late nights will go a long way to counteract the benefits of the summer holidays. At a cellular level, your skin also feels the effects, becoming dehydrated and being under attack by free radicals – bad news all round for its future prospects. Luckily, counteracting some of the effects of living large is as simple as combining Zehra Age Beautifully with your breakfast.

Mix one to two sachets of Zehra into a glass of water or fresh juice or into a smoothie. The tasty berry flavour comes from Blackberry Extract, which several scientific studies have shown to be the richest source of anthocyanidin antioxidants, helping to protect skin cells against free radical damage. It works hand-in-hand with Peptan™ hydrolysed collagen (identical to the collagen found in our bones and skin) to supplement and help boost your body’s own collagen production effectively. Antioxidants vitamin C and co-enzyme Q10 are also included for their powerful anti-ageing, collagen-boosting benefits.


It’s a question of balance

It’s common sense and easy to implement…

If you know you’re going to have a blowout later, stick to light salads and water for the rest of the day.

Out into the wee hours one night? Keep your diary free of commitments the next night, and try to have an early night to catch up on sleep.

Build some light exercise into your day to help detox and calm you. Try a brisk walk on the beach at sunset, a zumba or yoga class, or swim some laps.

Now you’re all set for a glorious holiday. Enjoy!



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