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When we wound our skin accidentally or intentionally, we want it to heal in the best way possible. Zehra Age Beautifully is here to help.

No matter how we wound our skin, we all want it to heal with minimal scarring. If it’s a superficial wound of the top layers of the skin, chances are that it won’t scar unless we are prone to keloid scarring, where the scar is hard, raised, shiny and very noticeable (common among people with darker complexions).

If we have wounds that penetrate deeper into the skin and beyond, the healing will cause scarring, and our goal is to have a scar that is as neat and small as possible. We’re not only talking about injuries that are caused due to accidents or medical injuries; an increasing number of us are injuring our skins deliberately to prolong its youthful appearance.

The light fantastic
The vital collagen that keeps our skins firm, springy and smooth decreases in quantity and quality as we age, unfortunately, and since Cleopatra was a girl, we’ve tried all sorts of ways to delay or reverse this happening – from eating cow heel pie and bathing in asses milk to more drastic plastic surgery. The most effective collagen-stimulating solutions so far have been laser, light and similar technologies. For the past few decades, they have grown both in effectiveness and use. From the original ablative lasers that worked by removing the top skin layers, leaving the skin oozing and raw after treatment, the technology is becoming ever more sophisticated, with fractional photothermolysis (aka Fraxel) being arguably the most effective method, with little downtime – minute laser beams make pinpoint punctures in the skin, so you’re left with redness for a few days rather than raw and oozing skin.

The way most of these technologies work is that – through heat, light or ultrasound – they cause controlled injury in the deeper layers of the skin and removal of the old, tired collagen. As the tissue heals, new fibroblasts grow, which stimulates growth of new collagen in the skin.

These procedures are costly investments in prolonging our skin’s youth and health, so we want to make sure that we get the best healing and recovery, and studies have shown that taking a supplement of high advanced-collagen tripeptide after fractional photothermolysis treatment has a significantly positive effect on wound healing and skin recovery. An independent study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology* concluded that the wounds closed faster, there was less post-laser redness, skin hydration recovered more quickly and there was ‘significantly improved post-treatment skin elasticity compared with the controls by day 14’.

Where do you find this high-quality collagen supplement?
You’ll find an extremely pure form of Type I hydrolysed collagen, identical to that found in human bones and skin, in Zehra Age Beautifully. Called Peptan™, this collagen is highly bioavailable, meaning your body is able to use it with maximum efficacy. You also get the added collagen-boosting benefits of antioxidants Vitamin C, Co-Enzyme Q10, plus Blackberry Extract, which numerous scientific studies have found to be the richest source of anthocyanidin antioxidants.

Two sachets a day of the tasty berry-flavoured Zehra, at only 84kJ a sachet, is all it takes for skin that’s smoother, plumper and which heals more quickly after laser therapies.

Even without treatment, users of Zehra have noticed an improvement in the quality of existing scars and post-healing redness:

I’ve been having some problems with my skin – breakouts, acne, and blemishes (mostly red areas after the acne). Although I wasn’t taking the Zehra for the acne, I started to notice a definite improvement in healing time, and how quickly the reddened post-pimple blemishes faded. Not only do the red areas go away much faster, there are less dry patches and my skin seems to look healthier overall!

Erika, 39
After two weeks, I definitely noticed my skin feeling a lot less parched and dehydrated as it normally tends to feel. After 1 month of using Zehra, I suddenly noticed how much a 20 year-old scar on my leg had healed and almost halved in size. Now, after 3 months use, I have noticed a real reduction in fine lines on my face as well as a considerable reduction in pigmentation and the scar on my leg is about a third of its original size and is still healing.

* Effect of high advanced-collagen tripeptide on wound healing and skin recovery after fractional photothermolysis treatment
S. Y. Choi, W. G. Kim, E. J. Ko, Y. H. Lee, B. G. Kim, H. J. Shin, Y. S. Choi, J. Y. Ahn, B. J. Kim, H. J. Lee
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