younger skin in 12 weeks

Sunny Side Down

It’s well-known that sun damage is the single biggest cause of premature skin ageing, including wrinkles and sun spots, because it causes large-scale free radical production. This is referred to as photo-ageing. Furthermore, UVA rays damage collagen and elastin, resulting in decreased skin elastic…

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Scrub Up

Skin cells are produced on an ongoing basis, resulting in old, dead cells being sloughed off. Exfoliating as part of a daily skin care routine helps to remove these dead cells, encourage production of fresh, new ones, and boost circulation to the skin surface to supply oxygen-rich blood to nourish s…

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Smoke And Mirrors

It’s been said before: smoking is just plain bad for you. But did you know that it’s directly linked to dry, thinning, slack skin, increased wrinkles, breakouts and a dull, lifeless complexion that no beauty treatment will eradicate? Smoking causes blood vessel constriction, so the important oxy…

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Drink Up

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple glass of water over expensive beauty treatments. Dehydration can make your skin lacklustre and dry, and reduce elasticity. Drinking enough water can assist in weight maintenance (many people mistake thirst for hunger), removal of toxins, and helping to kee…

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Skin Food

There’s a reason why ‘you are what you eat’ has been said so many times that it’s become a bit of a cliché: because it’s true. Your skin relies on the right nourishment to stay healthy – it’s relying on you to provide it. While the cosmetics industry is currently focused on beauty tre…

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Hit The Bottle

Smoking’s not the only vice that effects skin care and places your skin under strain – alcohol is also a culprit. While enjoying the odd glass of red wine, packed with antioxidants, after a long, hard week, has been shown to benefit women’s health in general, particularly card…

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Face The Future Beautifully

Gravity is inevitable, but the way we approach skin ageing is not. Armed with the right knowledge and Zehra Age Beautifully, let us drink to health and beautiful skin!

Look at a child’s skin – it’s a marvel of unblemished radiance and smooth plumpness. This is mostly due to …

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Winter-proof Your Skin

Our forecast this year: winter skin woes are not necessarily your future, armed with the right knowledge and Zehra Age Beautifully

The triple whammy of low temperatures, high wind-chill and indoor heating is what punishes our skin in winter. Dry, tight, flaky skin can be annoying…

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Heal Thyself!

When we wound our skin accidentally or intentionally, we want it to heal in the best way possible. Zehra Age Beautifully is here to help

No matter how we wound our skin, we all want it to heal with minimal scarring. If it’s a superficial wound of the top laye…

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Boost Your Skin For Spring

The change in the air and new life sprouting means spring is here. Time to shed the winter layers and reveal skin that is smooth, glowing and feels fantastic. Zehra Age Beautifully gives us 5 steps to living lightly

Step 1: Become a picky eater


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Looking Good, Man!

Time was that a craggy ‘Clint Eastwood’ stare into the distance was manhood personified, but the times, they most definitely are a-changing…As Clint narrows his eyes at his adversary, we can’t help thinking ‘someone should have told him about sunscreen, and an exfoliating facial…

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Beautiful Summer

Roll on the holidays! But as tempting as it is to think that life’s a beach right now, overdoing the sun and good times won’t do your skin any favours. Zehra Age Beautifully helps you get through summer beautifully.

Party planner

After a long ye…

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Detox Your Skin / New You Resolution

You’ve heard about detox diets that help eliminate toxins from your body. But can you detox your skin? Are you having a good holiday? Has it been a restful, quiet, battery-recharging break, or a hectic time of social butterflying and merry-making? If the face in the mirror reflect we…

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Surviving Summer

Few things can beat a South African summer, but we must never forget that the sun has a dark side. The good news is that it’s not difficult to make the best of the sun.

A good tan
If you’re thinking there’s no such thing, you’re both right and wrong. A tan is …

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