Boost your skin for spring

The change in the air and new life sprouting means spring is here. Time to shed the winter layers and reveal skin that is smooth, glowing and feels fantastic. Zehra Age Beautifully gives us 5 steps to living lightly

Step 1: Become a picky eater

These truly are the salad days. Warmer weather makes us naturally want to eat light, fresh foods. This can not only do wonders for the waistline, the right kind of nourishment can make all the difference for a healthy, good-looking skin. Keep as much of it as possible raw; make a delicious salad meal with different leaves and antioxidant-rich summer vegetables – look for your bright ones such as tomatoes, lightly cooked broccoli and beetroot. It’s important to add omega 3-rich essential fats with salmon, tuna, olives, avocados and seeds, and lighter proteins such as chicken, turkey, and tofu (bean curd). Spring fruit is just heavenly, and we don’t need much prompting to reach for those antioxidant-packed berries.

Step 2: Time for a top-up

Skin-care professionals recommend an intense treatment at change of season, when your skin needs an extra boost. Winter can be particularly hard on your skin – if you don’t take good care throughout, spring will find it dry, rough and dehydrated. Try a two-pronged strategy to top up your skin’s moisture…

Inner beauty

Water is our best resource. It makes up about 70 percent of our bodies and it’s vital for our body’s systems – including our skin cells – to work at their full capacity. Drinking between six and eight glasses of natural water a day also keeps our systems flushed of toxins and impurities, helps eliminate cellulite and keeps our skin plump and glowing.

Our aim is to keep that H20 inside our skin cells, and this is where Zehra Age Beautifully comes in. Its extremely pure form of Type I hydrolysed collagen, Peptan™ (identical to that found in our bones and skin), is proven by independent research to improve the skin’s moisture levels. The research also shows that supplementing daily with hydrolysed collagen stimulates collagen production and re-densifies the deepest layer of the skin, the dermis. This means your skin’s supporting scaffolding becomes stronger, plumper, smoother and springier.

Besides Peptan™, Zehra gives you antioxidants Vitamin C, Co-Enzyme Q10, and Blackberry Extract, which numerous scientific studies have found to be the richest source of anthocyanidin antioxidants, and which all help boost collagen production.

Two sachets a day of the tasty berry-flavoured Zehra supplement (at only 84kJ a sachet) for the whole of spring means your skin becomes more supple and elastic from top to toe, and who doesn’t want that?

From the top

Use a good face and body moisturising cream that contains good fats such as  ceramides. This helps to form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to keep water in as it shields against harmful factors like pollution and germs. For the warm seasons, switch to a lighter lotion that’s not too rich and cloying, especially if you have an oilier skin type or live in a high-humidity area such as KZN.

Step 3: Slough it off

Exfoliation is another essential, which sloughs away old, dry skin cells to allow your moisture lotion to penetrate the skin effectively.

Step 4: Protect, protect, protect

Sun protection is a daily essential during the warm months. Choose a well-known product with the word ‘broadscreen’ (which means it offers both UVA and UVB protection), with a minimum of SPF30.

Step 5: Empower yourself

To find out more about Zehra, go to for detailed info, ingredient research, as well as our user testimonials and pictures.

Happy spring!