Smoke And Mirrors

It’s been said before: smoking is just plain bad for you. But did you know that it’s directly linked to dry, thinning, slack skin, increased wrinkles, breakouts and a dull, lifeless complexion that no beauty treatment will eradicate? Smoking causes blood vessel constriction, so the important oxygen and nutrients needed for that glorious glow can’t get to the skin as they should. Toxins also can’t be removed properly. The constant pursing of lips when inhaling also creates fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. In fact, so powerful is the effect of cigarette smoking on the skin, that the term ‘smoker’s face’ was coined by Dr Douglas Model, and published in the British Medical Journal, to describe the skin changes associated with smoking. He added that, in his study, at least 50% of smokers could be identified purely on what their faces looked like. These changes included lines and wrinkles, gauntness, and a worn, coarse, dull, grey complexion. What’s more, a study comparing identical twins (one of which smoked, while the other didn’t) indicated that the smokers’ skin was only ¾ as thick as that of the non-smokers. Experts recommend that (aside from quitting, of course) smokers should take an extra 2000mg of Vitamin C daily to enable the body to cope with the damaging, free-radical producing effects of smoking, and that those who quit should continue to take extra Vitamin C to help the body recover.