Zehra Competition Winners on Expresso

We are here to meet up with Anthea, our first winner of the competition. She wants to match her vibrant personality to equally as radiant skin.

Following a twelve week programme, Anthea will be able to revitalise her skin and feel reenergized. Working in an office environment, it’s important to look her best at public functions and meetings with clients

We’re off to meet our next competition winner, Marisa Viviers who wanted to have a big life change in 2013, for both her body and mind. Part of her mantra, is to maintain a healthy skin regime.

Our final lucky winner of the day is Farhana Gafoor whose aim was to feel youthful and pretty again! With the programme, Farhana is bound to find her radiance again!
The ladies will now embark on a 12 week journey of Zehra supplementation that will replenish the skin’s collagen and make their skin look visibly younger.

The supplement adds the finishing touch to a regular beauty regime. Zehra… because the finishing touch is within.

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