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Zehra Matcha Collagen combines Matcha green tea from Kyoto and pure Peptan Collagen.

Zehra Matcha is grown close to the river in Uji, Kyuto, according to Tana method; Shaded for 20 to 30 days before harvesting, then hand-picked (Ichibancha tea) during the first and best harvest of the season and ground by traditional Hikiusu (mortar and pestle).

Zehra Matcha Collagen aids weight loss by suppressing appetite as it activates fat burning metabolism, and balances healthy blood sugar levels, contains EGCg a special polyphenol which has anti-inflammatory properties and supports fat burning.

Clinical studies have shown how collagen supplementation improves skin, nails and hair. It has also shown benefits in joint, bone, vascular and gut health.

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