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Why does Zehra Skin Rejuvenation contain Vitamin C and Co-Enzyme Q10?

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is an essential antioxidant, which the human body cannot manufacture itself. Obtaining Vitamin C from external sources (i.e. diet and supplementation) is thus crucial. Without vitamin C, collagen and elastin cannot be produced. Furthermore, Vitamin C is also important in supporting UV-damaged skin.

In fact, vitamin C deficiency has been linked to weak collagen and elastin fibres.

Good sources of vitamin C include peppers, guavas, citrus fruit and broccoli, but over-processing and denuded soil makes it difficult to get enough of this essential vitamin. It’s thus important to supplement too.

Co-enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) is a natural substance produced by the body. It functions together with enzymes to facilitate the metabolic processes needed for energy production at a cellular level.

It’s a powerful antioxidant, and has shown to be beneficial for immune and cardiovascular system support, to digest food, support muscle function, and heal wounds. Its multitude of benefits are used to enhance vitality and assist in combating ageing. Co-enzyme Q10 levels decrease with ageing, and new research suggests that this is particularly problematic in post-menopausal women, especially if they’re receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Good sources of co-enzyme Q10 include oily fish, liver, kidneys, and wholegrains.

How do I use Zehra beauty products?

It couldn’t be simpler:

  • Dissolve the powder, which has a Berry flavour, in a glass of water, or, better yet, add it to a delicious glass of freshly-squeezed juice or a nutritious smoothie.

  • Take 1–2 sachets during or after breakfast.

  • Use Zehra daily for at least 12 weeks.

How soon will I start seeing anti ageing results?

Clinical studies conducted in France and Japan, have evaluated the effect of a 10 g daily dose of Peptan™ Collagen as an oral supplement., using state-of-the-art technology and certified skin experts to assess the results. After just 8 weeks, 91% of the Peptan™ subjects experienced increased levels of skin hydration.According to the above-mentioned research, the number of fine lines significantly decreased by 26% after 12weeks. In addition, Peptan™ collagen was also shown to significantly increase skin suppleness and help decrease the number of deep wrinkles.Research shows that a 10g supplement of Zehra Peptan™ Collagen effectively stimulates collagen production, improving skin hydration and re-densifying the dermis (the layer of skin between the epidermis – top layer – and underlying tissues), resulting in a visibly younger looking skin in just 12 weeks.

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